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Author - Barry John Raybould

painting lesson on saturation

Avoid Over Saturating Colors In Nature

Saturation is a property of color that measures how intense or pure that color is. Grays are low saturation colors, and vivid colors are high saturated colors. Another name for saturation is ‘chroma’. For...

Plein air painting in Italy

Plein Air Painting in Italy: San Terenzo Carnevale

This small sketch was done during the last half hour of sunset at San Terenzo, in the Gulf of Poets, Liguria, Italy. This is when the colors in Italy are the most beautiful. This shows my process for quickly capturing...

Street Scene - Songzhuang China 2

Street Scene – Songzhuang China

Cat. No. 1245 Songzhuang Street – 50cm x 40cm – Oil on Linen I did this street scene painting in Songzhuang this week. Songzhuang is Beijing’s largest art district. Almost every building in this small...

When things don't turn out the way you want them to 4

When things don’t turn out the way you want them to

As an artist our reward can sometimes be the satisfaction when the result meets our expectations, but when we struggle, when we don’t know anymore which way to follow, how do we keep going? Here is my way to go through...

Edge Pro Gear Paint Book

Edge Pro Gear Pochade Box

A high tech pochade box with a magnetic system for holding panels and a removable glass palette. Company name: Edge Pro Gear Website: Pochade box name: PaintBook Type: Pochade Box Price...

William Ritschel painting

A Guide To Critiquing Master Paintings

Why critique master paintings? The best way to learn how to become a good painter is to understand how a master painting is constructed.  Until you understand how a master painting works, and why it works, you will...

Notan sketches

A Guide To Notan: The What, Why, and How

Introduction This guide is based on the 6 eBooks I originally published in 2003 on Notan. See Wikipedia: Notan: A Virtual Art Academy building block by Barry John Raybould, MA (2004/2010) Course on...

pochade boxes and plein air easels

Pochade Boxes: A 2020 Buyers Guide

Pochade box reviews If you own a pochade box, review it here and tell us what you like and don’t like. If you own a plein air easel, review it here. Important: The reviews on this website are independent of any...

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