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I have the Sketchbook and the Paintbook. I got the smaller Sketchbook for travel and it works great although I found the size too small for my taste. I bought the Paintbook next. I love it! It holds paint that you leave on the palette but you must pay attention not to put paint in just a few spots where the top touches the palette. The magnetic clips are very sturdy and clip in strongly so there is no chance of losing them. You do need a heavier tripod though as it weighs a little more. I tried using my lighter tripod and it went crashing to the floor. Everything was fine although the glass palette broke but the company replaced it. I bought a plastic palette for traveling. It fits into a laptop backpack. I bought the lights that fit into top of easel. This is great for painting at night and painting in a dark room where you don’t have your studio lights. Highly recommend.

Beth Anne Winfield
August 1, 2020
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