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Painting Secrets Unlocked: Everything You Wanted To Know About How To Paint: The Virtual Art Academy® eLibrary

This comprehensive library contains all the principles and techniques on how to paint that you could ever want to know.

All in one place. And presented using the acclaimed Information Mapping® methodology – an approach previously unheard of in the art publishing field, but which makes learning difficult art principles far easier.

All The Information On How To Paint In One Place

The result of a fifteen-year research project by professional artist Barry John Raybould, the Virtual Art Academy® eLibrary contains 58 eBooks with over 1500 pages of with information on how to paint in oils, acrylics, and watercolors that you will not find anywhere else.

To get the same amount of information you would have to buy scores, if not hundreds, of traditional how-to paints books.

You would have to watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, read painting blogs for days or weeks, as well as attend months of courses on painting.

And even then you would not know if the knowledge you were reading was written by a professional or by an amateur. If you start learning best painting practices from the beginning, you will learn much faster.

With this Virtual Art Academy eLibrary you get all this quality information on how to paint in a highly organized form, without duplication, and all in one place. It will save you hours of frustrating effort searching for information on how to paint.

You can view the complete library on your iPad, Android device, computer, or smartphone. And take it with you everywhere you want to go.

Easy To Understand

With traditional art books, when you need an answer to a question on painting techniques or principles, you have to search through pages and pages of duplicated information. It can take hours to find anything you need.

Our eLibrary was designed in a completely different and unique way to help you find the information you need instantly. Since everything is electronic you can search the books instantly to get quality information.

In addition, each eBook has been professionally written using an approach called Information Mapping®.

This science-based methodology is used by top companies all around the world to improve their written communications.

The Virtual Art Academy has for the first time brought this methodology to art instruction. Information is broken down into manageable chunks, each of which are labeled so you can find information quickly. Complex principles and procedures are explained clearly and simply with lots of pictures and examples to help you learn faster.

It will be the easiest to read information on learning to paint you have found anywhere.

The content covered in the course is pure gold

The content covered in the course is pure gold – it will be hard to find such high quality material elsewhere gathered in one place. It is succinctly written to speed up your learning, yet is comprehensive. The VAA Reference Library is suited for both absolute beginners and those who have been practicing art (even professionally) for a number of years.

I have been a member of the Virtual Art Academy for a several months now, dedicatedly following each of the lessons. Even after such a short time my work has improved, a lot of it down to the extremely high-quality content that Barry teaches.

I highly recommend exploring this vast library as you will definitely learn something new and see the benefits in your work.

Kat Skinner
Review of VAA eBook library

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