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The Art of Veronika Lobareva

Another Russian artist in my series on who I consider to be the top contemporary masters working today. Her works are distinguished by a light, almost sketchy manner of painting with a wonderful feeling for color and full of poetry.

Veronika Lobareva was born in 1969 in the city of Angarsk, graduated from the Irkutsk Art School (department of easel painting), until 1996 worked in the decoration shop of the Theater of the Young Spectator named after I. A. Vampilova. In 1995-1998 she was an art director of the performances: “Duel”, “Ward No. 6”, “Heart of a Dog”, “Winnie the Pooh” on the chamber stage of the Irkutsk House of Actor. Currently he lives and works in Irkutsk, actively exhibits in Russia and abroad. More information about the work of Veronica Lobareva can be found on the artist ‘s page in the art gallery

Landscapes by Veronika Lobareva


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Seascapes & Riverscapes by Veronika Lobareva


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Townscapes & Cityscapes by Veronika Lobareva


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Snowscapes by Veronika Lobareva


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Still Life Flowers by Veronika Lobareva


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People by Veronika Lobareva


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Illustration Work by Veronika Lobareva


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