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Two-Value Statement: The Secret To Quick Form

creating form with a two-value statement

What Is A Two-Value Statement?

It is really quite easy to give the impression of form by using just two values. This is called the two-value statement. In fact, that is all that is needed to create a convincing illusion of form. The key to doing this is to get the shapes right.

The form of objects is only revealed by light. The most obvious effect of
light falling on objects is to throw part of the object into shade. The shapes of the lit and shaded part of the object reveal its form.

creating form with a two-value statement

Tips For How To Make A Two-Value Statement Work

There are two secrets to making this work.

  1. Look for two shapes: the light shape and the shadow shape, taking care to make a clear distinction between them. Make sure you draw these two shapes very accurately, and in the right place.
  2. Whenever light falls on an object it creates a difference of value between the light and shadow planes. This value difference is larger in bright sun compared with hazy sunlight. You need to get this value difference correct if you want to capture the true feeling of sunlight. If you get these two things right, you will be able to make things look three-dimensional with very little work!

Examples of Two-Value Statements In The Landscape

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Two-Value Statement: The Secret To Quick Form

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