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street scene painting of Venice

Painting of Venice – Via Garibaldi, Castello

PinShare Cat. No. 923 Via Garibaldi Venice – 9in x 12in – Oil on Linen Several years ago I lived in Venice. I will always have fond memories of the street where I painted this sketch. It is one of the few...

Avoid Over-Blending 4

Avoid Over-Blending

Pin479Share479 SharesWhat is Over Blending? Over blending is what occurs when you mix your paint too much on your canvas. When you over blend you create problems within your work. Why should I avoid over blending? I...

Impasto 7


PinShare Impasto 16 What is Impasto? Impasto means thick paint. From the Italian ‘impastare’ – to make paste. Using an impasto technique often leaves visible brush strokes in finished paintings. If your primary...