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Sunny Day by Daniil Volkov

Critiquing Art: Daniil Volkov, Sunny Day

daniil volkov painting

There are some great critiques of this beautiful work of Daniil Volkov by the Virtual Art Academy students Michal, Susan, and Rocio this month.

Michal said it all when he said: “Study of this painting is amazing. It is possible to find nearly whole VAA in it.”

Daniil Volkov carefully planned the division of space in this painting with a great attention to the concept of simplification and a very interesting, three-value Notan structure with the light value being dominant.

Critiquing Art: Daniil Volkov, Sunny Day 1

Volkov also used point, line, and mass are used to add interest to the interesting space division in the painting. The lines and points are well placed to lead the eye and liven up the larger masses.

Critiquing Art: Daniil Volkov, Sunny Day 2

He applies masterfully the principle of suggestion and by using a palette knife creates wonderful texture in the painting.

This is a narrow range analogous (yellow-orange to red) color harmony with blue as the complementary accent.  The dominance of warm hues supports the feel of the day. 

This painting perfectly communicates the feeling of a hot sunny day at the seaside, with a great design.

This painting by Daniil Volkov is a great example of the successful application of Visual Music & Poetry in a painting.

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  • it is so good i have been painting 40 years and now i,m changing my style at 82 he is a master of light and colour regards marcia

  • my focal point was the boat front and center, only later did i notice little red spot (person in background). But that is just my view.