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This was custom made for me in a 10″x12″ format. I can fit five thick gatorboard panels with linen mounted on them into this box. I have not come across another pochade box that can do that. Also Betty made a folding palette so that my palette is twice the size of the box, and it is designed in such a way that I can store a whole day’s worth of paint in the box. It’s a bit too heavy for hiking, but the fact that I can go out for a whole day of painting with just one compact box that will protect all my wet paintings is very nice. I use it when I am in a town carrying a trolley. The fast setup, compactness, and ability to store a day’s worth of paint on the palette and keep all a whole day’s sketches protected make it a nice backup box for me.

Barry Raybould
February 4, 2019
Billups Pochade Box