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3 star is about right.

I purchased this easel at a fundraiser because I like to work large and it accommodates a wide range of sizes. The footprint is great against the wind; but in all honesty, while it is said to be made of hardwood, I had an important piece, the cross bar, broke easily and the screws in the aluminum pieces loosen easily. I will say, while long, it is very lightweight to carry, but you do need to bring a palette or separate paint box. I used the Coulter box with it or occasionally a large palette.

A friend added pieces to his to make it a bit sturdier but when he purchased the ‘Take It’ he proclaimed that was far superior and gave me his Beauport as an extra. Regretfully it has been stolen.

I tried to reach the manufacturers of the ‘Take it’, never got a response back and ended up deciding to create my own which is easy to use and transport.

Cynthia Rosen
July 21, 2019
Beauport Easel