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A beautifully crafted box but know what you want

I have the Yellowstone lite. I’ve used this pochade regularly for more than three years and it is a solid choice you wont regret. That said, I’m considering buying another that might suit me better.
I find I almost never use the storage slots in the back and consider it a lot of wasted space but if you do a ton of plein air and use standard panel sizes this will work great. I also have a tendency to go larger and more vertical with my paintings which brings me to caveat number two, it can only hold panels 16 inches high because of the vertical clamping system. Another option might be better if you prefer vertical compositions. The holes in the side panels for brushes are fairly useless to me as well.
Pros outwigh cons by a mile. It’s lovingly constructed and surprisingly robust. I love having magnets to stick my palette knives to. The larger palette size suits me well. It holds panels tight and is easy to manipulate around. It has strong hinges that don’t wiggle to much when painting

Christina Robertson
October 10, 2019
Alla Prima Pochade

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