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Well Done Susan for Completing the Apprentice Pro Program

In this painting, Susan used all the principles she learned in Workshop P. She created this for the Summary Painting:

“Winter Wonder is based on photos from our hike in Shevlin Park in the winter of 2016. It is a simple composition based on contrast of size and value to emphasize the feeling of awe and wonder felt when walking among these giants.  I used rabatment of the rectangle for placement of the focal area – my husband and our dog.  

I used a secondary triadic color harmony of orange, green and violet.  I painted using a variety of brushwork and analogous optical color mixing. I painted white snow with a range of very light value complementary hues.  I believe I achieved luminosity in the sky and in the snow and atmospheric perspective to give depth to the scene.  

I am exhilarated by all that I have learned through this course.  It is freeing to have concepts and principles to  help me express what I feel in nature.  With all the interruptions in my life, it took me 6 years to finish.  It has been so worth it.  Many aspects of painting are coming together.  It is like a language that I am finally able to speak in paragraphs – not just words.  What a wonderful journey.  Now I will go back to the beginning and go through the course again.”


“Congratulations Susan! you have created a very magical painting for your Workshop P summary painting project, with a very effective use of luminosity in the light entering the woodlands.

One of the things I have heard many times is that when you paint, you need to have a love of your subject. Your love of nature certainly comes out in your work. It is this love of your subject I think that creates the poetry in a painting.

I look forward to continuing the exploration of painting with you as you continue to go into different areas of painting in more depth. Congratulations once more!


What Our Students Say

The equivalent of a 4 year art education at a fraction of the cost

This is a great course for anyone who is serious about improving their painting. I have been a student here for several years. When I am finished, I will have the equivalent of a 4 year art education at a fraction of the cost. I can do the lessons anywhere and at my own pace.… Read more “The equivalent of a 4 year art education at a fraction of the cost”

Susan Hood
No need to buy expensive art books…. Just do the VAA 4 year course. I still refer to it

I finished the VAA course a few years ago, but always refer to the notes, rereading the course many times. This is not a course the day you are finished, you are done. No, you keep practising the assignments getting better and better over time. When I look back at my work when I had just… Read more “No need to buy expensive art books…. Just do the VAA 4 year course. I still refer to it”

Aurelia Sieberhagen
Barry gave me a fishing rod so I can catch my own fish

After weeks and even months of searching YouTube, “googling” and spending a fortune on art instructional books I finally came across the Virtual Art Academy®. When it comes to purchasing online I am always very careful how I spend my money. Especially when I already spent a small fortune on art books. They always seemed… Read more “Barry gave me a fishing rod so I can catch my own fish”

Dagmara Zaręba
An excellent  foundation on so many aspects of painting

“I never had formal training in painting and my style has always been very realistic, slow and not at all artistic, just a copy of a photograph. When I got word of the course available through Virtual Art Academy, I was very excited for the opportunity to learn what I never knew about painting.  VAA… Read more “An excellent  foundation on so many aspects of painting”

Jeanne Strohmann
The small steps are easy to do

I am extremely impressed with the process that Barry has developed for VAA.  Learning to paint can be intimidating, but when broken into many small projects it is very do-able.  I just did my first live model painting session- a 5 hour, one day session.  Thanks to VAA, I was able to break the painting… Read more “The small steps are easy to do”

Kim Stepney