Virtual Art Academy

Well Done Jay on Completing the Apprentice Pro Program

White Dress, 15″x30”, gouache on illustration board.

I usually work 9″x12” to 12″x16” so this was a stretch in size for me.  

In “White Dress” Jay incorporated the principles of Workshop P for his final painting of the four year program, as well as paying attention to all the other principles he learned during the online painting course:

  1. Choose a scene that contains white objects such as bed linen, dresses, or buildings.
  2. Use triadic, complementary, or analagous optical color mixing.
  3. Remember to focus on incorporating some of these ideas:
  • add luminosity
  • use multicolor brushstrokes and layered washes
  • Do a large studio painting of your composition.

“I completed my first VAA assignment 22-Sep-2016 and this is my last 13-Apr-2020. It took me 3 years/7 months to get here but my brush has grown exponentially.

What a fun learning experience VAA has been. Thanks Barry for putting together a well-thought out curriculum path. First one I’ve ever seen in the art world. 

For this lesson I chose a simple white dress. “Simple” hahaha, yeah, right. Now I know how much genius (and practice) that Joaquin Sorolla and John Singer Sargent had in their brushes. Painting a convincing white is not as easy as it appears. 

For the background I chose a complementary optical color mix of yellow ochre (pigment number: PY42/43), ultramarine blue (PB29), and white (PW6)).  For the dress I chose a triadic optical color mix of cad yellow light (PY35), cad red light (PR108), cobalt blue (PB28) and white (PW6). 

I wanted the white to glow by using multicolor brushstrokes in conjunction with layered washes.

It has been fun looking back at my old pre-VAA paintings and my current work.. there is a Night and Day difference. Yet I know in about 4-5 years, I’ll be saying the same thing about today’s current work.

The journey must continue, one painting at a time, eh? 


Jay “jbird”