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This is a brilliant design.

This is a brilliant design. It has to be the most weight efficient system you could engineer. In terms of my palette area to weight efficiency rating, it blows all other solutions out of the water. It might not be as quick and convenient to setup as some other systems because you need to fix a palette to it. I have rated it for the biggest sized palette you could put on it (45cm x 60cm). With a palette of this size there is a slight tendency to wobble while you are mixing your paint. However you could easily use a smaller palette, and that would be much more stable. If you try this system I recommend you make a palette out of some lightweight material, and find a system to make it rigid. On the Virtual Art Academy online campus there are various designs that I have made and also that some students have designed and made.

Barry John Raybould
March 14, 2019
Easel Butler

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