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The easel (top) works well.

The easel (top) works well. I liked that when I was done painting I could detach it from my tripod with the painting still attached and carry it as a wet panel carrier. I was also able to use only half of it for small paintings.

The bottom part is OK. I wish I could move the brackets closer so it held the palette higher on my tripod legs. When the rods are inserted and the unit is in place on the legs the palette is slanted towards the tripod. I’m looking for someone with a drill press to drill two new angled holes for the rods so my palette will be flat. When I use watercolors everything sloshes to one puddle. If I adjust my tripod so the back leg is longer and the shelf is level the set up becomes a little unstable.

It’s all very light weight and compact. A slight wind will lift my palette (or panel that I’m using as a shelf) if I don’t bungee cord it to the rods.

Easy to set up.

Hank B
April 11, 2020
The LederEasel Kit

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