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Strada Mark II Palette

I’ve been using the Strada Mark II easel for a couple of months now and here’s my take on it.

The easel is probably considered heavy in some regards, but it is lighter than the EasyL Versa, which I also own. Probably saved me a few pounds over the Versa.

• Seems to be very stable, even in wind.
• Palette slides onto tripod legs instead of mounting on top.
• The mast works well and doesn’t move when I paint.
• The box itself is very sturdy. Good design.
• Mast will hold a panel up to 30 inches high and as wide as you want to go.
• Lids that double as shelves work well.
• Plexiglass palette insert cleans up easily

• Screws that hold pieces that slide onto tripod legs are hard to tighten enough, then hard to loosen.
• Because of this, when cleaning the palette, the box can slip down, but is fine when painting.
• Mast is large and easy to carry but does not fit in backpack unless taken apart. Lots of parts when unassembled like wing nuts that can potentially get lost.
• Palette box is compact enough to fit in backpack, but paint will slide to one end leaving a mess.
• Brush washer is crap. it leaks and the o-ring falls out if you’re not careful. Carry it in a ziplock bag!

Randy Pitts
United States
March 10, 2020
Strada Pochade Box