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I love the Daytripper –

I love the Daytripper – having used several alternatives in the past. I don’t paint huge panels/stretched canvas en plein air, but I DO use it for larger pieces in studio – it’s so easy to move around, and has a small footprint, and is so adjustable. I have 2 masts, the 18″ and the next size up, mounted so the panel is closer to me. I am 5’3″, and have had no issue with reaching either standing or sitting. I do not often use the Dolica tripod (I bought it, but don;t take it out; it is light, but too squishy for my taste.) I use a Sirui instead. I don’t use the paper towel setup; I use cut cotton cloths instead (less space in the pack.) I have found using a stretchy hairband to hold my turp can works really well. I like this for its great weight-to-mixing are ratio, and that it fits easily into a normal size backpack, with all my gear. I combine it with a paintsaver palette so I don’t carry tubes any more. Prolific Painter also has a nice compact brush carrier that suits and will hold my longest handled Rosemary brushes.

Casey Cheuvront
United States
March 27, 2019