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Great minimalist easel for your pack

This is a great easel to take outdoors when you’ll be hiking a distance from your car. It is small and lightweight. I also use it in my home studio. The panel holder is easy to use. Due to how the long center metal pieces join, there can be a slight wobble, but I didn’t notice it after I put my panel in and tightened it. The palette holder allows you to use any palette you wish, but a large, heavy palette would make it unstable. You will definitely want to try this on your tripod right away to make sure it will work. The metal brackets that tighten onto the tripod put pressure on the legs squeezing the legs toward the center and may cause the tripod to collapse. On my lightweight tripod, I reversed the brackets on the palette holder crossbar so that the brackets put outward pressure on the tripod legs, making it more sturdy. The palette holder did not work with my other tripod, the Slik tripod that has a center support to keep the legs spread. It would not fit. The panel holder does work on my Slik tripod and I use the Colter palette box on it. The other change I made is I bought two wooden dowels to use instead of the small rods that come with it. There is nothing wrong with the rods, but the longer dowels enable me to use a larger palette and they extend out the rear and I hang my paper towels on it. I use a Panelpaks palette with it. Whatever tripod you use with it, you will likely want to weigh it down. Most have a clip to hang weight, such as your pack, from the center. The photo shows the reversed brackets and wooden dowels I use.

Terry Hoskins
Rocky Mountain West
April 10, 2020
The LederEasel Kit

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