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Great for backpacking

This is quite a lightweight system if you have to backpack a long way. The overall system weight is fairly low at 2.7 kg for the tripod, palette tray, palette box and one side tray. I had one of these a long time ago but no longer use it as there are now systems (albeit quite a lot more expensive) with better efficiency ratios available. If you are on a budget this is not a bad option for a lightweight system. The rivets on the clips on the rear plastic accessories tray broke after a while and I had to replace them with nuts and bolts. Also I could not get the panel vertical or past vertical to avoid sun glare – this is always a problem with artist easel tripods (with the exception of the Gloucester easel design system used by the Beauport and Take It easels) . I also found it was not very easy to fit a panel in the panel support – it seemed more designed for a thicker canvas. The design may have changed since I bought mine (about 20 years ago).

Barry Raybould
March 21, 2019
Sun Eden Plein Air Easel

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