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Great design by a prolific plein air painter

I use Josh Been’s Upright Panel Holders (UPH) for watercolor painting. They are well designed, sturdy and adaptable to the sometimes unique needs of a watercolorist. Since the UPH is designed to attach to a tripod with a ball head, I can lay my painting surface flat for wet-in-wet washes, or at a slight angle, to control the flow of water and pigment. The UPH that I use also allows a bit of choice as to the placement of the tripod mount so I can get my panel a little closer to my palette box if needed. I have my own design that holds my small, plein air palette box which gives me a system about as lightweight as I can get. And it all fits easily in a backpack which can be used as a carryon for air travel. Or hiking. Check out for the many options he offers. And his superb paintings! (No affiliation, BTW).

Doug Moench
Northern Colorado
November 22, 2019