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An efficient high area to weight ratio

This is an interesting box and ranks highly in my efficiency ratio. I don’t have one of these so I can’t evaluate it properly. I do like the idea of wood because it is easy to fix if you are on a trip and have an accident. It has a 30% more palette area than the Daytripper easel which I use so that is a plus. The panel holder system though to my mind is not very good. I have used this type of holder and the problem is that it is far too narrow to be stable. The Daytripper panel holder design is far superior. One possibility would be to buy the Coulter box and the Daytripper panel holder. I do have one caveat though: the Daytripper has a nice adjustment for fitting onto a tripod that gives you more positioning control whereas the Coulter box has a fixed attachment. That could cause problems under certain circumstances.

Barry Raybould
March 8, 2019
Coulter System