Virtual Art Academy

A great proven design for both large and small paintings

This easel is a superb design in that it handles both large and small paintings, and at the same time can support an extremely large palette. No other easel design has such flexibility. As a result the palette area to weight efficiency ratio is extremely high compared to all other easels (except for the Easel Butler). The easel is stable in high winds and I have tested it out in a gale on the Big Sur coastline, and amazingly been able to finish a painting. Although it is heavier than most other systems, it is in fact only 1kg heavier than the heavier of the pochade boxes, and 2kg heavier than the lighter ones. But for that extra weight you can get up to 4500 sq cm of palette area compared to less than 1000 sq cm for most pochade boxes. This can make a big difference to your color mixing. If you don’t have to hike too far, it is a viable alternative to most other plein air systems. I have bought two of them and it is my current favorite easel.