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Painting Landscapes In Oils

Background To Painting Landscapes In Oils

Landscape painting has a rich history in Western world, starting from the Renaissance, through the classical landscapes of Claude Lorrain, and through to the impressionist approach pioneered by the French Impressionists. In the East, pen and ink was traditionally used to paint landscapes, until the middle of the 20th Century when western oil painting was introduced to China.

Examples Of Landscapes In Oils

Here are some examples of paintings of landscapes in oils by the author of this guide, Barry John Raybould.

Landscape Oil Painting Techniques

See oil painting techniques from specific techniques for painting landscapes in oils.

Step-By-Step Painting A Landscape In Oils

Here is a summary of the alla prima process for painting a landscape in oils.


Who are the most famous landscape painters?

Classical Landscape Painting by Claude Lorraine

Arguably in the West, the French painter Claude Lorraine was the father of the form of landscape painting in which the artist portrays a view of nature that is more beautiful than in reality. HIs landscapes were influenced by Classical concepts.

What is the most famous oil painting of a landscape

landscape painting in oils by John Constable

The most famous and popular landscape oil painting is the Haywain by John Constable, finished in 1821. This painting, displayed in the National Gallery in London, is of a rural scene on the River Stour near Flatford Mill in Suffolk. It shows three horses pulling a wood wain or large farm wagon across the river. Willy Lott’s Cottage, the subject of another painting by Constable, is on the far left of the painting.

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