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Demonstration Of Oil Painting Techniques: Nighttime Rendevouz 1

Demonstration Of Oil Painting Techniques: Nighttime Rendevouz

Oil Painting Demonstration

This speeded up demonstration by Barry John Raybould uses several oil painting techniques.

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nocturne oil painting lesson
Cat. No. 1143 Nighttime Rendevouz In Xiamen – 61cm x 61cm – Oil on Canvas

Glossary of terms used

alla prima

Alla prima is a method of painting in which you complete the painting in one session while the paint is still wet. This is in contrast to other methods in which you paint the work over several painting sessions with the paint drying in between sessions. These other methods includethe impressionist technique and glazing-based techniques.

Alternative terms: wet-in-wet, direct painting.


Using thick paint.

To Learn More

If you would like to learn more you can get instant access to Barry’s 6 book library on Painting Processes and Techniques here:  Process: The Complete Guide To Alla Prima Painting For Oil, Acrylic, And Watercolor Painters