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“I created the Virtual Art Academy in order to make a top quality art education available to everyone who wants it, even if they don’t earn much money. In this way I can give young students who cannot afford today’s high university and art academy fees the opportunity to learn to paint at a high level."


Barry John Raybould - Author of Virtual Art Academy



Barry John Raybould, M.A. (Cantab) is an award-winning professional artist who works primarily in oils, but who also has extensive experience in watercolors.


His work is a contemporary fusion of impressionistic and expressionistic styles that integrates color, design and brushwork to convey a strong sense of mood and feeling.


Originally from England, Raybould lived in the United States for many years and was one of the group of Central Coast artists known as the ‘Informalists,’ and an artist member of the prestigious California Art Club, one of the oldest professional art organizations in the United States.



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Jacqui and Josh keep the business going and look after all our students. They answer your email, and do just about everything else behind the scenes to keep the online campus materials updated and expanded. It is very complicated running a business these days. To add to the complexity are tens of thousands of graphic and video files in the vast VAA knowledge base. We have scores of computers and servers in different parts of the world that we have to keep going to create, manage, and deliver the content to you.




Then there is our contract programmer who keeps the Online Campus running so our students can help each other with their paintings, even though they are on opposite sides of the globe. (It's pretty complicated software).


Our Support Team

International Artist - Our Promoter

I sent an email to International Artist Magazine shortly after I released the first version of the VAA in 2003. I wanted to see if they could help me spread the word about the course.


Within 24 hours I got a personal phone call from the publisher Vincent Miller and his Chief Editor. They told me they had never before seen such an extensive and comprehensive program for learning how to paint written by a single professional artist.


​Within the week they had invited me to write a two-page excerpt from the course in every issue of their magazine. I have been writing it ever since. So I guess they are part of the team too!

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Our Students

Most important of all is our wonderful community of students. Throughout the development of the VAA we have always involved our students in our planning. They have helped us plan the structure of our Online Campus, as well as design all its new features. Without them we wouldn't be here today.


The VAA is more than just a program of instruction on how to paint. It is a very special community. We have a system in the VAA where our more experienced students help our less experienced students. Today we have over 800 students from 70 different countries all over the world helping each other improve their painting skills. A long way from when I just had 12 students in a workshop!


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