The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program

The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program is a flexible and affordable online alternative to taking a degree course in Fine Art and Painting at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy.


Painting With The Virtual Art Academy Difference

1.Comprehensive & Structured

2.Information At Your Fingertips

3.Knowledge You Can Trust

The Apprentice Program includes the Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library of 48 Art eBooks that covers all four-years of the curriculum.


The result of a fifteen year research project, by professional artist Barry John Raybould, this library contains artistic knowledge you will not find anywhere else.


You can download the complete library to your iPad or tablet to study anywhere, anytime.

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​When learning how to paint you need to avoid getting into bad habits that will eventually slow down your progress and learn best working practices right from the start.


The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program was entirely authored by a successful professional artist with a long list of exhibitions, galleries, and top awards to his name.


With knowledge you can trust, you learn to paint faster and your art reaches a higher level.

​The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program is structured into a four-year curriculum of 192 painting lessons broken down into 16 workshops and 350 focused assignments.


Systematically build your foundation one step at a time and see your paintings steadily improve.


You get the same structured learning experience you would get at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy, but you can learn & paint at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

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The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program works on subscription basis.

You can choose one of three options:

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​$24.95 per month

 $64.95 every three months

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12 eBooks

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 ​$239 per year

​(equivalent to $19.90 per month)

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26 eBooks

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