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Washing Day, Pontremoli, Tuscany

Landscape oil painting: Via Washing Day in Pontremoli, Tuscany, by Barry John Raybould

It was nearly 40 degrees C so I found a nice shady place to paint. These washing lines in a local village caught my eye.

I used a fair amount of impasto paint on this small piece. Here are a couple of detailed images.

I find using impasto paint helps me in two ways:

  • it makes the surface of the painting more interesting
  • it helps you with mixing the colors so you can find a better color harmony. You just mix more color into the existing color to fine tune the grays. You can leave some of the original color you were adjusting showing and that can create a nice optical color mixing effect.

I love doing these little crops in my paintings. Each one is a finished abstract painting in its own right. To make them interesting though, you need to be careful about which brushwork technique you use.

plein air painting in Pontremoli
The pretty village of Pontremoli in Lunigiana, Tuscany

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