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Your Own Personal Art Library To Carry With You Everywhere


Everything you need to know to know to learn how to paint.


Download this library to your laptop, iPad or tablet to study anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive and Portable

The Apprentice Program includes the most comprehensive and portable art reference library you will find anywhere.


The result of a fifteen year research project by professional artist Barry John Raybould, the Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library contains information you will not find anywhere else.


In 48 eBooks we systematically cover each of the nine Virtual Art Academy® Building Blocks™  to help you master all the key foundation skills you need to paint well.


The information applies to all media, whether your interest is oils, waterolors, acrylics, pastels, photography, or digital media.


All eBooks are in standard PDF format with no digital rights management software to restrict your use.


Instantly download the complete library to your iPad, Android device, computer, and smartphone so you can study anywhere, anytime.

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Unique Structure: Information Mapping®

Other how to paint eBooks are often just video scripts in PDF form. When you need an answer to your painting problem, you have to search hours of video transcripts. Traditional art how to books are just as difficult to search.


Our Reference Library was designed in a completely different and unique way as an integrated art reference resource to solve this problem.


Each eBook has been professionally written using an approach called Information Mapping®. Complex principles and procedures are explained clearly and simply with lots of pictures and examples to help you learn faster.


An integrated online index and glossary to the complete library helps you find the information you need. Instantly.

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