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Critiquing Art: Giovanni Boldini, Pencil Sketches

What can you learn from the sketchbook of Giovanni Boldini. A surprising amount really …. Giovanni Boldini brief biography Giovanni Boldini (31 December 1842 – 11 July 1931) was an Italian genre and...

Sunny Day by Daniil Volkov

Critiquing Art: Daniil Volkov, Sunny Day

There are some great critiques of this beautiful work of Daniil Volkov by the Virtual Art Academy students Michal, Susan, and Rocio this month. Michal said it all when he said: “Study of this painting is amazing...

Evening Calm, by Vladimir Karnachev

Critiquing Art: Vladimir Karnachev, Evening Calm

The interesting thing about this painting is the clever way Karnachev created a very simple four-value notan structure, then added detail and interest to that design using color spots of a different temperature...