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How To Paint Round Forms Using This Simple Technique Copy

paint round forms
Still Life by Barry John Raybould

Painting rounded forms is quite difficult. Here is how to do it.

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It is difficult to paint round forms and make them realistic, because of the large number of small value changes on the object. If you try to represent these value changes by blending, it is easy to lose the sense of form. Too much blending also destroys the color. To solve this problem, practice painting round forms by squaring off the form first.

Quick technique to paint round forms

Take a round form, such as a piece of fruit or vegetable, and cut it with a knife to remove the peel. Cut it in such a way that you replace all the curved surfaces by a series of planes. You can then assign the various types of light to each of these planes.

Student example: paint the round form of an apple

More student examples: paint round forms

Once you have mastered how to paint a form that you can cut into to see the planes, try to imagine the planes are there without cutting the object. After a lot of practice you will be able to paint more realistic looking round forms.

As you get more accomplished at painting round forms, you can apply the same principle to a more complex form, such as a flower, a cup, rocks on the beach, or even heads.

To learn more about painting round forms

To learn more about how to make your forms appear three-dimensional and realistic using the square off forms technique, see the lessons in the Form Building Block in the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program.

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How To Paint Round Forms Using This Simple Technique Copy

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