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Tuition and fees for an Art Academy such as the  Master of Fine Art program at the Academy of Art University San Francisco for a will cost you  $20,797 per year.


If you travel long distance to learn from a top professional painter, a week-long workshop will cost between $1,800 and $2,500 including tuition, travel, food and lodging.

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The Virtual Art Academy® online art school works on subscription basis.

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How Long Do I Need To Stay A Member?

The program is completely flexible. You will get the same amount of information in the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program that you would get in a four year degree program at a prestigious Art Academy or University.


If you work slowly and steadily, you might want to do about one lesson per week on average. Doing it this way will take you three or four years to complete the full program.


If you have more time available, you could do two or three lessons per week. In this way you will complete the program in two years or less. Some lesson assignments take longer than others. In many cases you will find that the more time you spend on the assignments, the more you will  improve.


If you are a more experienced painter you can develop your own custom learning plan that you can finish in one year. However we have many advanced students who have been with us for over four years. These members tell us that every day they learn something new on our Online Campus. The VAA knowledge base is very deep and there is information here that will challenge you as a professional artist for a long time and ensure you are continually increasing your level of skill and understanding.


So the answer to the question is you can stay a member as long as you want to continue improving your painting.


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If you have any questions about our pricing or want to know any further details about the course please contact us and let us know how we can help.

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