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Snow Falls in Pianello

Using Thick Oil Paint to Enhance Light Areas

Cat. No. 1126 Snow Falls in Pianello – 23cm x 30.5cm – Oil on Board When using oils, paint your darks using thin oil paint and your lights using thick oil paint (referred to as “impasto”). This enhances the...

Night at Cafe Hapina, by Motti

Another great cafe scene by Virtual Art Academy alumni student Motti Shoval. This painting “Night at Cafe Hapina”, was awarded an Honorable Mention award in the 2019 CMPS National Juried competition. The...

Street Composition, by Thomas

Street Composition 61, 60 cm x 60 cm, oil

Thomas’s street scenes keep getting better and better. Another great one from Thomas.

Read more about Thomas’s experience with the VAA.

Well Done Sheila

Sheila donated four 6 x 6 inch “tiles” to an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association. They sold three and this one was selected to be framed and put into their silent auction.

flat wash

Basic Watercolor Technique: The Flat Wash

Table of Contents What is a flat wash?How do you create a flat wash? What is a flat wash? A flat wash is a basic watercolor technique that you will use nearly every time you start a new painting. You usually use it when...

Basic Watercolor Technique: The Graded Wash

Table of Contents What is a graded wash?How do you create a graded wash?Tips What is a graded wash? A graded wash is another basic watercolor technique that you can use to represent the sky from top to bottom, a...

The LederEasel Kit

A compact, lightweight, artist easel and palette holder that attach onto your tripod (tripod not included). Suitable for both plein air and studio painting. Company name: LederEasel Website: Pochade...