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The Best Nine Oil Paints for Beginners

If you are a beginner just starting out, one of the first questions you have is which colors to use? Here is a brief guide to some of the things to think about if you are just starting out. It applies equally well to...

Cat. No. 1319 Arset el Mellak, Marrakesh detail

The Secret To Painting Luminous Shadows

The problem of dead shadows One of the common problems beginners have is to paint shadows so they look ‘dead’. If you look at these shadows they just look gray and somewhat muddy in feeling. This is often...

Snow Falls in Pianello

Using Thick Oil Paint to Enhance Light Areas

Cat. No. 1126 Snow Falls in Pianello – 23cm x 30.5cm – Oil on Board When using oils, paint your darks using thin oil paint and your lights using thick oil paint (referred to as “impasto”). This enhances the...

colored blocks high saturation primary colors

A Guide To Block Studies

Learning color is one of the basic skills an artist needs and is often one that is the most neglected. Many beginners use either too much garish color, or go too far the other way and do not use enough color in their...

How To Paint Water So It Doesn’t Look Like A Wall

When you are painting a body of water there is one thing that most beginners miss. The end result is a lake or ocean that just doesn’t look right. It looks more like a vertical wall than a flat body of water. The...

contrast of temperature war cool

Contrast of Temperature

There are several ways to emphasize the focal point or focal area in your painting. This key discovery shows you how to use contrast of temperature to focus the eye. In this painting the flower head, which is the focal...