Virtual Art Academy

Tips for Advanced Painters on the Online Campus

The Virtual Art Academy has been designed to help both beginner and more experienced painters.

If you are a more experienced painter, or a professional artist, we have a system in which you can create your own custom learning program.

To build you own custom learning program, click on Custom Learning Paths in our members-only Online Campus and follow these steps:

  1. Learn our Visual Music & Poetry methodology for critiquing and evaluating paintings. The problems with your paintings will fit into the broad category of either its Visual Poetry, or its Visual Music, (or possibly both).
  2. Read about our nine skill Building Blocks. Four Building Blocks address the Visual Music aspects of your painting, and four building blocks address the Visual Poetry aspects.
  3. On our online campus you will find the following links. These will display all the Virtual Art Academy lessons that will help you develop that particular skill area. You can go as fast or slow as you like to develop each area.
  • Brushwork (23 lessons)
  • Color (36 lessons)
  • Composition (32 lessons)
  • Concept (6 lessons)
  • Drawing (21 lessons)
  • Form (13 lessons)
  • Notan (21 lessons)
  • Observation (43 lessons)
  • Process (15 lessons)
  • Abstract Painting Course Year One (35 lessons)

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