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My Top 21 Drawing Artist Quotes In 2021

gesture drawing by Rembrandt

My Top 21 Drawing Quotes

gesture drawing by Rembrandt

You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.

 John Singer Sargent

This is a good one. It’s a great idea to learn gesture drawing so you can do this quickly.

Ingres Study For La Grande Odalisque
Ingres Study For La Grande Odalisque

Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting…Drawing contains everything, except the hue.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

All the visible world is only light on form.

Andrew Loomis

One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil.


Rendering something in its true character requires you to be accurate in your drawing. Here is the ‘secret’ technique I found is the most useful: triangulation

It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover, to your surprise, that you have rendered something in its true character. 

Camille Pissarro

Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see – to see correctly – and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye.

 Kimon Nicolaides

Drawing is the basis of art. A bad painter cannot draw. But one who draws well can always paint. 

Arshile Gorky

Never become an artist if you can’t learn to draw.

— Sergei Bongart

Value drawings are one of the artist’s best friends.

— Harley Brown

Drawing and colour are not separate at all; in so far as you paint, you draw. The more the colour harmonizes, the more exact the drawing becomes.

— Paul Cezanne

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.

— Salvador Dali

Drawing is the artist’s most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality.

— Edgar Degas

An individual’s ability to draw is… the ability to shift to a different-from-ordinary way of processing visual information – to shift from verbal, analytic processing to spatial, global processing

— Betty Edwards

Seemingly the most easy of crafts, drawing is the one which reveals most tellingly our incapacity to sustain true vision and our acquiescence to the ready-made.

— Rico Lebrun

Let whoever may have attained to so much as to have the power of drawing know that he holds a great treasure.

— Michelangelo

The teacher showed us how to see proportions, relationships, light and shadow, negative space, and space between space – something I never noticed before! In one week, I went from not knowing how to draw to sketching a detailed portrait. It literally changed the way I see things… 

— Daniel H. Pink

Drawing at its best is not what your eyes see but what our mind understands.

— Millard Sheets

You can eliminate color and still have a painting that works, but you must have drawing, value and design.

— Matt Smith

Beautiful colours can be bought in the shops on the Riato, but good drawing can only be bought from the casket of the artist’s talent with patient study and nights without sleep.

— Tintoretto

It is not bright colors but good drawing that makes figures beautiful.

— Titian

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