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To access the Virtual Art Academy lessons and online campus choose from three membership options, depending on whether you are a beginner or a more experienced artist.


The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program works on a membership basis. You pay for your membership on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis. You can stop your membership whenever you want.


How It Works

You can choose one of three membership options:


  • One Month Membership gives you immediate access to the first four lessons of the Apprentice Program Curriculum.


  • Three Month Membership gives you immediate access to twelve lessons of the Apprentice Program Curriculum.


  • One Year Membership gives you immediate access to the first year of the Apprentice Program Curriculum (recommended for more advanced artists).



With each type of membership you receive eBooks from our unique Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library that you can immediately download to your computer and tablet and keep forever. Even if you stop your membership.



Read more about the Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library.

Our Value

Our goal is to give you the equivalent education you would get at a prestigious Art Academy or University. This education could easily cost you $18,500 per year.


If you travel long distance to learn from a top professional painter four times a year, your annual  cost of tuition, travel, and lodging could easily reach $10,000.


You can trust our knowledge to be at an equivalent level of quality. Just ask any of our students. Many of them have taken University art courses and found they are learning far more at the Virtual Art Academy.

Our Membership Options

The Virtual Art Academy® Apprentice Program works on subscription basis.

You can choose one of three options:

One Month


Three Month


​$24.95 per month

 $64.95 every three months

​(equivalent to $21.65 per month)

12 eBooks

16 eBooks

Billed every month

Billed every 3 months

 ​$239 per year

​(equivalent to $19.90 per month)

Access to one year of the Program

26 eBooks

48 Lessons, 72 Assignments

& 52 Videos

Billed every year

One Year


Access to three months of the Program

Access to one month of the Program

4 Lessons, 6 Assignments

& 6 Videos

12 Lessons, 26 Assignments

& 24 Videos


No Risk

Sign up for our One Month Membership, then if the program doesn't work for you, you can cancel at any time. Your downloaded reference library will be yours to keep, forever.


Note: Membership fees are non-refundable (since the eBooks are available for immediate download).

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